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On July 26th 2014, Renshi Mick Ognenovski began teaching his unique blend of Martial Arts to the public, offering Junior and Senior classes in Leongatha, Korumburra Victoria and Lenswood South Australia. 

He has since expanded his teaching to schools and to the loacal community in South Australia where he first stared his journey in Martial Arts, creating a syllabus that is modern with a tradtional aspect. 


The name Satori Budo Kan encompasses all that a student can achieve on their own path in martial arts. 

SATORI - Enlightment, awakening 

BUDO - Martial Arts

'Hall of the enlightened/awakened martial arts'

"Being able to utilize the trraditional concepts found in martial arts but also being able to take full adavantge of a freestyle status in corperting some aspects of

kick boxing, Judo, Jujitsu, Kobudo and Goju Ryu into our syllabus.

I am able to bring the best of the new and old to make my style an effective evolving modern MArtial Art".

- Renshi Mick Ognenovski 



  • 4th dan Renshi Satori Budo Kan Australia
  • 1st Dan Dentokan Iaijustsu Country head Australia
  • Police check, South Australian and Victorian Working with children qualified
  • Senior qualified first aid
  • Martial Art Australia Member and recognised instructor.
  • Australian institute of sport qualifications.
  • 2018 ISKA coach of the year
  • 2017/18 ISKA Top 5 male black belts
  • ISKA State and national championships coach
  • Victorian ISKA state champion self defence techniques, kata and kumite.
  • School based defence programs, seminars and our aftershock coaching program


'I am very pleased to announce that Mick Ognenovski Sensei has joined the Dentokan and will be our Country Director for Australia.

Those of you who attended Dentokan25 in Kyoto and Okinawa will have met and trained with Mick, and enjoyed his company on and off the mat. Mick and his students will initially start by studying Dentokan Iaijutsu, and will work with us to develop that art in Australia.

Mick has studied Shotokan karate, Goju ryu karate , Judo, Jujitsu and Boxing and has a busy and energetic student base in both traditional and competitive arenas - he was coach of the year in 2018. Mick works mainly in his own dojo, the Satori Budo Kan Australia, holding a 4th dan rank in Karate, and is a Nippon Iaido Dan grade, converting over to Dentokan Iaijutsu

Welcome Mick, to you and your students, great to have you all on board down in Australia!'

- Director, Sensei Neil Malpas announced on January 14th 2021 



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